Lady of a Thousand Resumes: Jobs I Have Had (Both Paid and Unpaid)

  1. Actress
  2. After School Arts Teacher
  3. Arts Camp Counselor
  4. Assistant Head Start Teacher
  5. Baby Sitter
  6. Blogger
  7. Book Author
  8. Call Center Representative
  9. Comedy Coach
  10. Co-Counseling Teacher
  11. Community Organizer
  12. Conflict Resolution Teacher
  13. Content Editor
  14. Copy Editor
  15. Diversity Trainer
  16. Eurhythmics Teacher
  17. Evil Stepmother
  18. Fairy Godmother
  19. Ghost Writer
  20. Group Facilitator
  21. Humorist
  22. Improviser
  23. Journalist
  24. Medical Transcriptionist
  25. Meeting Facilitator
  26. Musical Comedy Writer
  27. Music Therapy Intern
  28. Nanny, both live-in and after school
  29. Nonviolence Trainer
  30. Occupational Therapy Intern
  31. Party Planner
  32. Preschool Music Teacher
  33. Presentation Skills Trainer
  34. Private Elementary School Music Teacher
  35. Producer (Small Scale)
  36. Professional Clown
  37. Professional Speaker
  38. Proofreader
  39. Public Speaking Coach
  40. Publicist
  41. Receptionist
  42. Reiki Practitioner
  43. Renaissance Festival ‘Bawdy Maid’/Singer
  44. Resume Writer
  45. Retail Fraud Prevention Coach
  46. Screenwriter
  47. Singer/Songwriter
  48. Singing Teacher
  49. Sound Healer
  50. Stand-up Comedienne
  51. Stone Wall Builder
  52. Support Group Leader
  53. Tantric Comedian
  54. Tarot Card Reader
  55. Telemarketer
  56. Temporary Advertising Coordinator
  57. Temporary Secretary
  58. Theater Improvisation Teacher
  59. Vocal Improvisation Teacher
  60. Workshop Leader

Born to Blog

This is only my fourth blog post but I have to say, I love blogging! I love to pontificate and my posts can be as long or short as any particular thought deserves. No padding required. PLUS I can always go back and edit what I said — unlike normal conversation, where once it’s out of your mouth, you’re in trouble. No backsies for a slip of the tongue or for being too honest in front of your (fill in the blank) girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, boss, mother-in-law, next door neighbor . . .

How to Write (and Talk) Funny

How to Write (and Talk) Funny or WWJD?*

*What would Joan do? 

Whenever I want to make sure I’m saying something is funny, I channel my comedy partner, Joan Kuykendall (aka Joan Hurt). “What would Joan say?” I ask myself. I then blurt out the answer which usually turns out to be hilarious. When I check it with her, I get a thumbs up about 98% of the time.

I know — this gives me an unfair advantage. Joan doesn’t mind though because almost everything  that comes out of her mouth or brain (not always connected, as she will attest) is funny. In other words, there’s more than enough material to go around.

“How does this help ME?” you’re probably groaning. At the moment, maybe it doesn’t but I’m sure if you try, you will eventually discover your own personal Humor Channel.

Actually, I sometimes substitute other luminaries for Joan, i.e., what would my mother say? (She was very funny in life and is even funnier now.) What would Mother Teresa say? (Now that she’s dead and doesn’t have to be all pious all the time, she’s a hoot too.)

Try this technique yourself.

P.S. What would God say?

Fashion Tip – Butterfly Queen

  Butterfly Queen. That’s the name of the nail polish on my fingers and toes. It’s hot pink/fuchsia and it sparkles. It’s shellac so it doesn’t have any toxic fumes when applied and it lasts for almost 3 weeks. It makes me look at least a little dressed up even when I put no effort into my hair or apparel. Ask for it at your nail salon if you have one, or at the beauty supply store. I haven’t tried the latter yet, but I hope they’re selling it to us plebes.                                                     HSG (Hot Step Granny ) rating — 5 Stars *****

About the Author – Lynn Grasberg

I am 63. News flash! 63 is the “new” 63 — it’s just different than it was when my grandmothers were my age. I’m a baby boomer, so I’ve had a lot more opportunities than they did.

I laughed the other day when I realized I was a “little old lady with blue hair”. Only, this blue was a lot different than Nana’s grey-blue wash her salon used to even out her color. I was wearing a vivid blue,  done with hair mascara (which I’ll tell you about in a future post).

Also, I’m not so little even though I have shrunk almost an inch over the years. And I don’t feel old.

I realize that writing this blog means I will never be able to run for political office due to my “interesting” past (and present) which I plan on revealing bit by bit.  Then again, with less secrets, maybe I would be a more appealing candidate. I could give “transparency” a whole new depth of meaning with some of my fashion choices (although, those are usually only revealed to a small private audience).

More politically incriminating info – I have been arrested for civil disobedience. Several times. Usually  involving attempts to stop nuclear power plants from being built or operated over active earthquake faults.

Welcome to “Hot Step Granny Speaks Her Mind”

Greetings to my intelligent, smart ass friends of any age, race, gender identity, or planetary affiliation. This blog is about Aging with Gusto.

I’m talking about bringing our whole selves to the feast of life at any age. I will hold forth on Fashion, Humor, Politics, Relationships, Sex, Spirituality — and anything else that seems fun or newsworthy.

Disclaimer: Refrain from reading if you are unwilling to be occasionally shocked, pissed off and/or amused by the contents.

Opinions expressed here are solely those of the author, but feel free to borrow any that make sense to you. If you do quote me, please give credit and send other people here to read my blog ( I’ll do the same for you — if you have a blog. (BTW, why don’t you have a blog?)