Household Hint

I just got back from a week-long business trip to find various things languishing or going bad in the refrigerator. If I ever want to hide a million dollars from my husband and step-son, I will put it in the vegetable drawer.

Just saying.

Finnish UP – Fluffy and Shiny’s 12th Anniversary

Simo and Lynn, 12th Anniversary

No, that’s not a typo. I know that there’s only one ‘n’ in finish. However, My friend Simo is actually from Finland (hence, Finnish) and we had a hilarious anniversary/reunion on Friday. We met 12 years ago at the 2005 Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Brooklyn, NY.

“Shiny!” he shouted. “Fluffy!” I squeaked. (These were characters we created back in Brooklyn.) As we hugged, his friend Bård Brænde walked up. (Bård is from Norway, so Simo and he are kind of a Scandinavian Brotherhood.) He saw us hugging and asked if he could record a video of us on his phone.

“Of course,” we said. Bård told us to make motorboat sounds with our mouths. His phone app worked us over and you can see the results. We laughed hysterically for an extended period of time when he played it back to us. Since we were on a roll, he played it several times. It was the kind of uproar where you end up having to stop and breathe deeply, because you’re laughing so hard, your stomach hurts. But then the hilarity takes over again.

Worth the price of admission to the whole conference.

Tech Support


I was having trouble getting online at the hotel this morning so I called Derrick at tech support.

“Hi, can you help me with this?”


“Thanks for being honest. Sorry I’m a little hoarse this morning. I haven’t talked much yet today.”

“That’s okay.”

“Actually, I’m more than a little hoarse. I’m a little pony.”

When he laughed at my silly little joke, I knew we were on a good track and we quickly solved my problem.

I told him I was in LA for the Applied Improvisation Network Conference.



“That’s tech support in a nutshell.”


“Yeah. You work with unknown variables from troublesome equipment. You have to come up with the right solution, based on experience . . . and luck.”

“You’re right. You should come to the next conference.”

“Yeah, maybe I should.”

“Hey, another thing. Why does entering the password correctly sometimes get an error message, and other times, it works?”

“Modern technology.”

We laughed again and parted ways.

Thanks for your help and humor, Derrick.

Airbnb, downside

Thanks to my friend and comedic partner in crime, Joan Kuykendall (aka Joan Hurt), for being such a patient, kind and ridiculous roommate at the Applied Improvisation Network Conference.

We have dealt with a few stress-inducing situations getting here, with humor and mutual support. For example, we checked into an Airbnb yesterday that looked good on paper. Come to find out, on inspection, the beds had lots of baby spiders. (Joan thought they were bedbugs at first.) We got reimbursed in cash and are happily situated at the Atrium Hotel, right across the street from the John Wayne Airport.


That’s its name.

My Writing Process

I carry around a little notebook I bought at the dollar store and a pen which I probably accidentally stole somewhere. First thing in the morning, I pull out the notebook and see if anything interesting crept into my brain while I was sleeping. If so, I write it down, edit it, pull up my blog, type it in, and post it.  Actually, sometimes I have an idea that gets typed directly to blog.  ( I know these technical details are scintillating!)

I also try to catch anything good that comes up during the day in my little notebook and re-broadcast it here.

It’s all pretty painless because I’m not trying to say anything deep, although occasionally something profound sneaks in. I also don’t have any rules about  how long any essay has to be.

I don’t publish everything I write because:

  1. On further inspection, I don’t agree with what I wrote.
  2. Any particular idea may not deserve to have a big audience.
  3. It doesn’t make sense once I am fully awake.
  4. It’s unnecessarily mean or petty.
  5. I get distracted by or attracted to something funnier or more beautiful.


On Being Yourself

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”    Theodore Seuss Giesel

Amen to Dr. Seuss!!

It’s not easy to follow his advice though, what with all the judgement hanging around out there and how we really don’t want to be embarrassed or humiliated. Ever.

But one of the advantages of getting older is that some of us get bolder and take more chances, because it turns out that even though things get messy sometimes, we also get to have a lot more fun. Or at least, I do.

I’m headed to Los Angeles tomorrow. First, to go to the Applied Improvisation Network Conference at UC Irvine. (Imagine a whole BUNCH of Cat in the Hats getting together to actually study how to be more outrageous and present in the moment.) Then, I’m  going to hang around for a few days and pitch my movie script to whoever I can corner. Should be an interesting week.

Unfortunately, I have to miss my 45th (!) High School Reunion to do it. That would have been amazing fun too. Choices. (sigh)

Here’s a cool video from Denmark – part of my prep for LA or Towanda, PA (when I do manage to get there). 

Travel Tip – Lake Irwin

[Note: I wrote this a couple weeks ago when we were camping without electricity or Internet — really “roughing it”. I think I should post it now before winter sets in.]

If you ever get a chance, go to Lake Irwin, Colorado. It’s a national park so you can camp for $18 a night (as of 2017). Or just come to hang out, fish or have a picnic.

I’m here “camping” with the Hubs and the In-laws. I use quotes because we have an RV which is really just bringing a miniature version of your house into the woods. I think this should really be called “house-ing”.  A new friend told me that any kind of camping where you are not roughing it is now called “glamping” (glamorous camping). However, I think glamping is a term that should be reserved for a trip where you are in some proximity to nature but are rich enough to bring your personal trainer, nutritionist and massage therapist.

Meanwhile, the Hubs and I love RV camping.

Because we’re old farts.

If the Hubs reads this, he’ll take exception to the “old farts” reference. That’s cuz he’s 6 years younger than me and too stubborn to admit that he’s a “senior” citizen by joining AARP. He did, however, take the 55+ discount at the movies recently.

Meanwhile, I’m a crone in my glory — old enough to know better  and young enough to not give a shit sometimes.

I’ve been sitting on a picnic bench for about half an hour, watching the sun come up over the lake. It has started to rain on me twice but stopped before I really got wet.

It’s a weekday and I’m up early enough that the fishing crowd hasn’t arrived yet.

I hear wind, water, birds.


Oops! It’s really starting to rain now. Gotta go.