Bakers Dozen of Excuses

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe it’s been more than a  month since I blogged anything to you. So much has been happening that it’s been a challenge just to keep up with living it, let alone, to write about it. Here’s a brief outline.

I took a trip to the East Coast where I:

  1. Went to an amazing Co-Counseling workshop in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
  2. Visited with family and friends in New Jersey, New York and Delaware.
  3. Made new friends.
  4. Ate incredible food in NYC, the WORLD CAPITAL of incredible Food.
  5. Stayed with my friends, Marci and Terry Stern, at their home in Wilmington, Delaware, just across the river from Philadelphia.
  6. Blissfully played with their  1-year old grandson, Jackson, when he came to visit with his mother, Leah.
  7. Stayed at the Yotel in the theater district of Manhattan (the most amazing hotel EVER).
  8. Stayed at the US Pacific Hotel, a former rooming house in Chinatown (cheap but clean and safe).
  9. Went to Friday night Shabbat services at Beit Simchat Torah where the newly installed cantor, choir and pianist were so amazing that it was like being at a musical theater Broadway show, if the show consisted mostly of prayers.
  10. Flew  back to Colorado, and, while riding the light rail from the airport, fell and sustained an injury to my ribs. I am still recovering from that at the same time as a lung infection that flared up 2 day later.
  11. Had a great Halloween make-your-own-costume party at my house anyway.
  12. Went to TWO fantastic concerts in one week: The Script and Imagine Dragons.
  13. Started teaching a class called Judaism 101 at Abiding Hope (Lutheran) Church, situated a  5 minute drive away from where I live in Littleton, CO.

That’s a bakers dozen of reasons why I’ve been preoccupied and not writing. So, it’s time to catch up. I considered writing 12 posts, but that’s ridiculous so I’m just going to carry on as if there was no break.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!