Viva Las Vegas

THURSDAY: What the heck happened in Las Vegas and what can we do about it? Normally upbeat people are feeling overwhelmed, angry, scared, etc. after the awful shooting spree the other night. Would you like to join me for a service project in Las Vegas?

I got a clear inner message this morning to go to Las Vegas and meet up with others there. The purpose: to “shoot” a mini-documentary using smart phones, editing the footage, and posting it on YouTube.

The intent is to remember that we are not alone and we can heal each other in community.

I am flying to Las Vegas on Friday on United flight #301, leaving Denver at 11:39 am and arriving at 12:33 pm and returning on Saturday afternoon. If this resonates with you and you can get away for a day, PM me and we will work out the logistics.

FRIDAY UPDATE: So far, one friend is joining me and I am funding this project on a credit card. I am asking my friends for $20 donations. (20 people would cover our expenses of about $400 so far.) You can send money to my PayPal account at