Finnish UP – Fluffy and Shiny’s 12th Anniversary

Simo and Lynn, 12th Anniversary

No, that’s not a typo. I know that there’s only one ‘n’ in finish. However, My friend Simo is actually from Finland (hence, Finnish) and we had a hilarious anniversary/reunion on Friday. We met 12 years ago at the 2005 Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Brooklyn, NY.

“Shiny!” he shouted. “Fluffy!” I squeaked. (These were characters we created back in Brooklyn.) As we hugged, his friend Bård Brænde walked up. (Bård is from Norway, so Simo and he are kind of a Scandinavian Brotherhood.) He saw us hugging and asked if he could record a video of us on his phone.

“Of course,” we said. Bård told us to make motorboat sounds with our mouths. His phone app worked us over and you can see the results. We laughed hysterically for an extended period of time when he played it back to us. Since we were on a roll, he played it several times. It was the kind of uproar where you end up having to stop and breathe deeply, because you’re laughing so hard, your stomach hurts. But then the hilarity takes over again.

Worth the price of admission to the whole conference.