Tech Support


I was having trouble getting online at the hotel this morning so I called Derrick at tech support.

“Hi, can you help me with this?”


“Thanks for being honest. Sorry I’m a little hoarse this morning. I haven’t talked much yet today.”

“That’s okay.”

“Actually, I’m more than a little hoarse. I’m a little pony.”

When he laughed at my silly little joke, I knew we were on a good track and we quickly solved my problem.

I told him I was in LA for the Applied Improvisation Network Conference.



“That’s tech support in a nutshell.”


“Yeah. You work with unknown variables from troublesome equipment. You have to come up with the right solution, based on experience . . . and luck.”

“You’re right. You should come to the next conference.”

“Yeah, maybe I should.”

“Hey, another thing. Why does entering the password correctly sometimes get an error message, and other times, it works?”

“Modern technology.”

We laughed again and parted ways.

Thanks for your help and humor, Derrick.