My Writing Process

I carry around a little notebook I bought at the dollar store and a pen which I probably accidentally stole somewhere. First thing in the morning, I pull out the notebook and see if anything interesting crept into my brain while I was sleeping. If so, I write it down, edit it, pull up my blog, type it in, and post it.  Actually, sometimes I have an idea that gets typed directly to blog.  ( I know these technical details are scintillating!)

I also try to catch anything good that comes up during the day in my little notebook and re-broadcast it here.

It’s all pretty painless because I’m not trying to say anything deep, although occasionally something profound sneaks in. I also don’t have any rules about  how long any essay has to be.

I don’t publish everything I write because:

  1. On further inspection, I don’t agree with what I wrote.
  2. Any particular idea may not deserve to have a big audience.
  3. It doesn’t make sense once I am fully awake.
  4. It’s unnecessarily mean or petty.
  5. I get distracted by or attracted to something funnier or more beautiful.