How to Write (and Talk) Funny

How to Write (and Talk) Funny or WWJD?*

*What would Joan do? 

Whenever I want to make sure I’m saying something is funny, I channel my comedy partner, Joan Kuykendall (aka Joan Hurt). “What would Joan say?” I ask myself. I then blurt out the answer which usually turns out to be hilarious. When I check it with her, I get a thumbs up about 98% of the time.

I know — this gives me an unfair advantage. Joan doesn’t mind though because almost everything  that comes out of her mouth or brain (not always connected, as she will attest) is funny. In other words, there’s more than enough material to go around.

“How does this help ME?” you’re probably groaning. At the moment, maybe it doesn’t but I’m sure if you try, you will eventually discover your own personal Humor Channel.

Actually, I sometimes substitute other luminaries for Joan, i.e., what would my mother say? (She was very funny in life and is even funnier now.) What would Mother Teresa say? (Now that she’s dead and doesn’t have to be all pious all the time, she’s a hoot too.)

Try this technique yourself.

P.S. What would God say?