About the Author – Lynn Grasberg

I am 63. News flash! 63 is the “new” 63 — it’s just different than it was when my grandmothers were my age. I’m a baby boomer, so I’ve had a lot more opportunities than they did.

I laughed the other day when I realized I was a “little old lady with blue hair”. Only, this blue was a lot different than Nana’s grey-blue wash her salon used to even out her color. I was wearing a vivid blue,  done with hair mascara (which I’ll tell you about in a future post).

Also, I’m not so little even though I have shrunk almost an inch over the years. And I don’t feel old.

I realize that writing this blog means I will never be able to run for political office due to my “interesting” past (and present) which I plan on revealing bit by bit.  Then again, with less secrets, maybe I would be a more appealing candidate. I could give “transparency” a whole new depth of meaning with some of my fashion choices (although, those are usually only revealed to a small private audience).

More politically incriminating info – I have been arrested for civil disobedience. Several times. Usually  involving attempts to stop nuclear power plants from being built or operated over active earthquake faults.